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      When I got my heart attack at 70, 13 years ago I felt depressed and could not understand what happened, it should be an

answer?, the medical profession says: "it could happen to anybody", but that is not good enough. Grace tell me "we will find

out", have look on computer and we found out. New research suggested "homocysteine" (see Ganagobie website) is more

responsible for heart attack that cholesterol and I do believe it was my case as the blood test showed 22% level "homocysteine"

when the normal is 5 - 9. Never checked "homocysteine" before as I never heard about it but it is not the only one guilty, the other

was my diet.



TYPE. It is your genetic blueprint to good health.


     The medical profession said "there is no evidence it works" the problem is: there is no evidence it does not works".


     Are you  a hunter, a survivor, a balanced type or modern and complex? If you haven't figured out which catgory you belong to,

you need to check the red fluid circulating in your body. Relax, this has noting to do with the bloodsucking vampire saga that has

eclipsed the twlight word.

     It is just your secret to your well being, the lexicon of your health. IT IS ALL MAKE SENSE because our blood type is our

original footprint. It definitely affect our genetic makeup. The blood type diet - more of 40 years research by Dr, Peter D'adamo

has created a dilemma that even today the medical profession has no evidence his wrong, but I do believe his right because my

blood type is "A" positive and what he said according to my character regarding my blood type his 100% right. After 13 years

of blood type diet I feeel good with no digestion disturbance excep if I breake the rule, (Restaurant for example) or super market

food although Mediterranean cuisine does not affect me if I avoid meat, cooking with olive oil is the best.

     If you are wondering how eating according to your blood type affect you, it can be traced to the story of human evolution. The

blood type theory is based on the premise that Type "O" is the oldest, the resilient hunter who is on top of the food chain.

Type "A" evolved as they tried to adapt to more domesticated agrarian society. type "B" emerged as human migrated north into

colder harsher territories and is more balanced sort. Type "AB" is thoroughly modern adaptation. a result of the intermingling

of disparate groups.

     The story of human survival is inextricably tied to our digestive and immunee system. Like it or not, it's a legacy we have

inherited from our ancestors. Our blood is loaded with a genetic code. It's a genetic biomarker that tells us about our internal

chemistry, predisposition and personality type. The author of the book, naturopath Dr. Peter D'Adamo " The eat right Diet"

who has done some path-breaking work in anthropology and genetics says that your blood  who has done some path-breaking

work in anthropology and genetics, says that your type not only reveals a lot about your genetic makeup but also unlocks

the door to the mysteries of health disease, longivity, physical vitality and emotional strenght.

    He explains that your blood type enables you to make informed choices about you diet, exercise the suplement you take

and even medical treatment plans. It's your road map. which point towards biological profile and the dynamic natural forces

within your own body.

     A pioneer in the emerging field of Nutrigenomics (the science of individualizes nutrition) has outlined a Blood Type Diet

which is the culmination of nearly four decades of work conducted by his father James D'Adamo and Him.

     As a naturopathic physician practicing in 1960s, his father James D'Adamo wondered why some of his patients did well

on therapeutic diets he prescribed, including strict vegetarian and low fat diets, while others did not improve. James suspected

that the differenc in the way his patients reacted to the foods might be rooted in some aspect of the blood. With this hypothesis

in mind he began to record the blood type of his patients and observe their individualized reaction to different diets.

     Other the years distinct patients began to emerge. He noticed  that patients with Type A blood did well on a vegetarian diet,

while patients with Type O did well on a high protein, meat based diet. Type B is the only blood Type which goes well on dairy

product. This could explain why human's food could be another human's poison.


    The blood Type Diet is based on the theory that protein like compounds in food called LECTINS react with different blood Types

to cause a wide variety of health complaints.To help people avoid eating lectins that are incompatible with their blood type,

Dr. D'Adamo provide lists of food that are beneficial and those that should be avoided for each blood typee. He suggests individualized

diet solutions to staying healthy, living longer and achieving your ideal weight.


    Matt Nelson who is reaching half century and was tempted to shout eureka when he discovered the diet HAS THE FINAL WORD.

    He sums it up saying: " Though some dietitians and naturopaths have contested this diet because of lack of enough scientific

evidence, it's very useful in terms of guideline for people to keep in mind what food they should avoid because their body cannot

digest them. I don't recommend anybody obsess about not eating tomatoes, but use it as a barometer that keeps you on the fast

tract to good health. On a personal front, my regret is waited for 40 long years to take better care of myself. If only I had known

earlier what type of nutrients my body absorbs and befriends my immune system, I would  have been a much healthier and

happier man."


    On my side like Matt Nelson my only regret was not knowing before the blood type diet avoiding a high level of "homocysteine"

and cholesterol in my blood type 'A' positive which had acumulated for years and I would not certainly have a heart attact if my

diet was adatpted to my blood type. Evidence? - well all I can say it is working on my metabolism and in the morning when I

wake up I don't have anymore this "ball" in the stomach. When you are young you digest almost everything, when you getting

older it is another matter. One more reason to be more careful what you eat as your body has more difficulties to "Assimil"

food getting older. If you want to fly longer think about.I do believe if you prolong your life it is what you eat although there are

some more factors involved. The fact is in Europe people in Mediterranean diet live longer that in the north and are more

healthy. Now the question is: why some people are living longer and do not do this diet? simply because they do not know

there are born lucky to have a blood type adapted to their food of their choice. Note: there are not the majorities.


    Here a parentheses, like anything else there is a flexibility, when you have an invitation for a dinner you cannot ask people

cooking special meal for you, but a failure to the rule is not going to kill you, simply do not do it everyday like I did. It is your

choice. Now if you decide to be vegetarian may be it is not your best choice, look at your blood type first, for me I should be,

If I knew that before certainlly I will not have a stent and an heart damaged at 33%. Well I still can fly, until the 2 years check -

up said " I am out of heart failure", how long? nobody knows.


             TOKOROA - New Zealand - April 2015


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